Are You Ready To Be Trained By The "Gurus' Guru"? Who Is Joel Bauer?  What Does He Teach That Has Produced Highly Acclaimed Speakers, Authors and Celebrities?


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Ever imagined being trained by the same Mentor who trained the most exceptional and highly celebrated Speakers, Marketers and Authors in the world but didn't think you could afford?

Have you heard of these names?

* Mark Victor Hansen
* Robert Allen
* Eben Pagan
* Joe Polish
* Dr. Jeff Hockings
* Jorge Bueno

Do you know what they all have in common? They have all been Mentored by Joel Bauer!

Why should this matter to you?  It's because now, you have an opportunity to be mentored by the same Mentor who has helped produced the leaders we now learn from.  The best part is you too now have access to the same Mentor!


Here's my quick story.  Prior to meeting Joel Bauer, I was a confused entrepreneur. I was aimlessly spending thousands of dollars buying marketing and branding courses without proper direction. I knew that I was called to success but wasn't sure how to be clear on what my gifts are and how i can deliver my message to the world.  I was rather shy and never in my wildest dreams did I even think that I could become a Speaker!

I was invited by a friend to attended Joel Bauer's 2-day event, implemented what I learned from him and my life is never the same!  I finally identified why my passions perfectly tied into my vision and eventually my mission which ultimately became my brand. 

I am now an Author, Speaker and Online Branding Consultant living life in my own terms and helping other entrepreneurs get their message out to the world and attracting their perfect clients, enabling them to leverage technology and create a V.I.P. Brand with Visibility, Influence and Profitability.




Here I am with Jorge Bueno and Joel Bauer when we filmed at Palm Springs Television Studios...






Are you looking for clarity?  Are you tired of attending events and spending thousands on courses that do not generate results?

Put your information on the right and I will give you more information on  why Joel Bauer's "Passion 2 Profit" Training System transforms people's lives!  I will also reveal to you how you can attend Joel Bauer's very EXCLUSIVE and private V.I.P. Invitation to Joel's $3,000, 2-Day LIVE Event called "Passion 2 Profit" and spend 2 Days being Mentored by Joel Bauer as my gift to you! 

NOTE: The next 2 day event where you will be Trained by Joel Bauer himself for 2 days straight is on November 5 and 6, 2011 and seats are very limited so HURRY!

Here's one common question: 

What does Joel Bauer teach at his events? 

When you attend Joel Bauer's Events you will find out:


• How To Instantly Grab People’s Attention At Your Very First Point
Of Contact, Where A Stranger is Hanging On Your Every Word and Move You Make.

• The One Zero-Cost Transformation You Can Put Into Action To Give You Instant Credibility, Often Receiving FREE Upgrades To First-class Air Travel, Suites In Hotels At Standard Rates, And Often The Best Table In The House!

• Differentiation Tactics That Make All Of Your Competition Minor League And YOU The Only And Obvious Choice In Your Market.

• He Will Expose The Power and Precise Design of the Perfect Business Card. A Card That Clearly Motivates A Stranger To Want To Know More About What You Can Do For Them.

• The Secrets Of Using Voice And Body Language To Make People Love And Adore You. Not Knowing These Secrets Is Costing You Thousands Of Dollars And Many Positive Relationships.

• Learn How To “Dress for Maximum Impact”.

• Jaw Dropping Techniques For Establishing Respect, Credibility And Rapport In 4 Seconds Or Less. Because You Don’t Know This Is Why You Don’t Have As Much Business As You Need.

• The Few Words You Should Never Use, Under Any Circumstances, Unless You Truly Want To Fail.

• You get my Unique Positioning Statement Technique - The Power of Scripting With Precision In An Emotionally Engaging Manner.

Power-House Publicity Insider Knowledge That Can Get You On
Even The Biggest Talk Shows. I’ll Even Give You The Exact Press
Releases That Have Landed My Own Shows Like (The Other Half, Power Lunch & CNN)

What To Say When A Producer Asks You What You Do And How To Turn That Into A Massive Flood Of Calls, Orders And Cash. Don't Blame Me If Your Web Server Crashes from all the hits!

* And tons more! 

The proud Mentor and  his student... Joel Bauer and I at my very first LIVE Solo Speaking Event last December called "Relational Marketing Secrets".


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